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Looking for the high quality and the most cost-effective basement wall designs delivered within the same day?

Consulting Engineers, Corp is the structural engineering firm that fulfills your requirement. You can get your basement walls designed within hours there by saving significantly on labor and down time at your site. The basement wall design solutions offered are highly innovative and very unique in the industry.

The uniqueness in our basement wall designs is - 8" thick plain concrete basement wall 8 to 9 ft. high resisting up to 60 pcf pressure with no vertical reinforcements. For these walls, backfill can be placed without first floor deck being in place.

We deliver a total package of engineering services or with just the design services necessary to accommodate your needs with UNBEATABLE SPEED, ACCURACY, AND VALUE! Imagine your increased competitiveness as your designs save labor, material and construction time.


Precast Drafting Services
Precast Drafting Services


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