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Basement Wall Designs Services

Consulting Engineers, Corp. is a renowned structural engineering consultancy firm providing full range of consulting services for basement wall design solutions to the builders, contractors and homeowners. CEC's talented and experienced structural engineers generate very effective and durable basement wall designs. The basement walls are designed for different types and different material depending upon the site conditions and client's requirements.

The most frequently designed basement walls are:

  • Plain Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Reinforced Walls
  • Plain Masonry Walls
  • Masonry Reinforced Walls
  • Insulated Concrete Form Walls (ICF)

Besides these CEC also provides structural basement wall repair services for the existing damaged and/or collapsed basement walls.

CEC uses the latest technology to generate the basement wall designs. These in-house developed basement wall software ensure that out client receives most efficient and cost effective basement wall design in the least turnaround time.

Some of the features that makes CEC's basement wall designs unique are:

  • No vertical reinforcement required (CEC's patent pending design).
  • Fast turnaround time - Instant delivery.
  • Easy to understand and construct.
  • Speedy construction.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Improves the quality and value of your structures.


Precast Drafting Services
Precast Drafting Services


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